During my four years studying with Dr. Milton, I experienced much growth. His teaching is incredibly supportive, artistically informed and with the student’s best interest in mind. Dr. Milton’s knowledge of repertoire is impressive and he tailors his teaching to the individual.
— Cody Arthur
Dr. Milton seemed to always have the right thing to say to make me understand what was needed of me. Not only did he give me all the tools I need to succeed as a musician, but he also helped me to see the fun in the music I was making. By the end of my two years with him my voice was in a place I never thought it would or could be. He was not only a wonderful teacher but is a caring mentor as well. He truly cares about his students, both inside and outside the studio.
— Jocelyn Sanabria
I had the pleasure of studying voice with Dr. Milton. During that time, I found him to be caring, kind, and thoughtful both in his approach to vocal instruction and with the relationships he built with students. His warm-hearted, attentive nature translated to an immediate trust in his pedagogical process that allowed me to easily adopt his methods of vocal production, song interpretation, and musicality. I am a better musician and teacher because of my time with Dr. Milton.

Dr. Milton provided thought-provoking lessons in the classroom that helped me gain a more thorough understanding of the French art song genre. I was truly impressed with his ability to combine the genre’s historical underpinnings with a comprehensive overview of literary figures, composers and their text-setting styles, notable performers, and performance practices. His delivery of the course content was engaging and rigorous while instilling in me a sense of ownership and achievement. I enjoyed the class very much.
— Kevin Tharp
Dr. Milton is a wonderful voice teacher and technician. He is a master at helping each individual student find their voice and giving them the tools that they need to be successful musicians. His wealth of knowledge and genuine care for each student is evident in the repertoire he chooses for students. He carefully selects music that helps students to thrive and that challenges and takes them to the next level of performance.
— Zane Lynn
As Jos Milton’s former colleague at Concordia University Texas, I benefitted from his creative problem-solving, tireless work ethic, friendship, and willingness to do whatever it took to help his students translate technique into true musicality.

Despite Dr. Milton’s short tenure at Concordia University Texas his influence cannot be overstated as he was directly responsible for the drastic raise in students enrolling in the voice area the following two years. His helpful cooperative attitude contributed greatly to the positive team environment and congeniality of our department. In addition, he brought new ideas to the department from his extensive experience on stage and from his pedagogical studies.

As a colleague, Jos is incredibly generous with his time and expertise, both with faculty and students. When I arrived at Concordia I was new to teaching and Jos regularly allowed me to sit in on his lessons, answered questions about my own teaching, repertoire, or even my own singing. His guidance and support ultimately led me back to doctoral school and helped foster my own love of research. Jos has a natural ease with students and is often praised for his professionalism and enthusiasm.

Jos Milton is one of the finest performers I have ever seen. Not because he has the largest voice or even the most stirring voice – but because he knows how to use every facet and every nuance of his voice to make the emotion real, much like Elly Ameling did in her day. He chooses projects that speak to his character and moral compass, like his current project “Art Song of The American South.” Audiences look forward to his honest and heartfelt portrayals.
— Blythe Cates, DMA